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We already are getting some beautiful spinach and mixed greens from Oxheart Farm, located nearby in Stockholm, WI.  We have our incredible local asparagus out of Welch, MN coming in weekly.  Early season veggies from Mississippi Hills in Goodhue, MN should be starting to trickle in the first part of June.  Strawberries from Freiburg's here in Red Wing will begin about the same time.  While not certified organic, we know these local products are produced without use of any chemicals, pesticides or herbicides and trust the farmers are following organic guidelines.  Try some today!

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How to & DIY

Homemade Herbal Sodas

Whether you call it pop, soda or a soft drink, today’s popular sweetened carbonated beverages aren’t what they started out to be. Traditional recipes for drinks like root beer, vanilla cream soda and cherry and ginger ales were made from extracts of flavorful botanicals and were often offered in pharmacies for their reputed health benefits.

Subtly sweetened with natural cane sugar, early soft drinks were dubbed ‘soft’ because they were a safe and natural alternative to hard alcohol. In addition, they weren’t fortified with the mega-doses of high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, flavorings and preservatives that their canned and bottled stand-ins feature today.

It's still possible to enjoy the natural soft drinks of yesteryear with their complex aromas, beneficial flavors and unique appeal. You can make them yourself at home while controlling the amount of sugar in the final mix. You’ll also be saving a fair bit of change over the purchase of commercial soft drinks, and you won’t need to endlessly schlep all those bottles and cans.

Sip on the nostalgic nuances of homemade herbal sodas with the recipes below:

Supplying local grass-fed beef, organic free-range chickens and eggs, organic produce, bulk (grocery, spices and cleaners), supplements, natural health & beauty products, herbs, and essential oils.  Kiki's Simple Abundance has been your locally owned health food store since 2000.