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Non-GMO Product Specials

October is Non-GMO month.

A "GMO" is a "genetically modified organism." The organism's cells are inserted with DNA from unrelated species in order to form new species that cannot occur naturally. According to the Non-GMO project, evidence connects GMOs with health problems and environmental damage.

​Celebrate non-GMO awareness this month with our sales and specials each week. 

$1 off hot dogs!*

20% off 4oz bar, 8oz & 32oz liquid*

Different each week, stop in!

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October Deals

Ferndale Market turkeys are ready for your Thanksgiving pre-orders. Space is limited, call today! 

Time to talk turkey!

*While supplies last

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October 13-18

10% off ALL self-serve bulk!

  • Look for the seal on packages.
  • This shopping guide can help you make non-GMO choices.​
  • Find supporting retailers here.

Fair Trade is a movement that aims to support farmers, artisans, and producers in developing countries. Fair trade boosters economic sustainability and social equality.

Fair is GREAT! 

October is Fair Trade month.

  • Order by November 8, $2.09/lb.
  • After Nov. 8, $2.29/lb.