January is a great time to detox your system after all those butter, sugar and meat-rich holiday meals! Make a big batch of this healing and cleansing Detox Soup. 

For a healthy start to the new year, dedicate one day to enjoying only Detox Soup for all your meals and drinking lots of lemon water. Or you can just have a big bowl of Detox Soup for dinner 7 nights in a row. Eat nothing else after 6pm.  Either way, your body will feel cleansed and nourished.

Each ingredient in the Detox Soup has been selected to perform a health benefit.  This soup does not have any grains or noodles. The fat is minimal with one tablespoon of healthy olive oil, and a small amount of beans have been added for protein. The rest of the soup is loaded with vegetables, spices and herbs that will nourish and cleanse your whole body. Sip on it all day for a great one-day detox anytime during the year!

For instructions and recipe, please click here.

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