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Bob's Red Mill Flaxseed Meal

20% off

Chocolove Chocolate Bars

20% off​

SnoPac Organic Orange Juice Concentrate

50% off

Kevita Kombuchas & Probiotic Drinks 

25% off

​Ener-G Gluten Free Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns

40% off

Dandies Marshmallows

25% off

Country Archer Jerky
25% off

That's the last


The war on plastic has certainly spread far and wide, with single use plastic straws being the latest recipient of controversy.​​

It is estimated that more than 500 million single-use plastic straws are used and thrown away every day in the U.S. alone.  That's an average rate of 1.6 straws per person per day, which translates to 175 billion straws per year.

We here at Simple Abundance are fighting the fight.  We are saying goodbye to plastic straws and will be making the switch

to paper straws this month. 

We encourage you to refuse a straw, which is the most eco-friendly option, but should you feel the need to have a straw, it will be of the paper variety.

We do have stainless steel straws available for purchase.

And while we're at it, we should remind you to bring your

reusable bag when you come to visit us,  because in the very

near future we will only be packing your groceries in the boxes they originally were shipped to us in. 

Help us to spread the word!

We CAN make a difference.

Supplying local grass-fed meats, organic free-range chickens and eggs, organic produce, bulk (grocery, spices and cleaners), supplements, natural health & beauty products, herbs, and essential oils.  Kiki's Simple Abundance has been your locally owned health food store since 2000.
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Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie Recipe

Welcome to your local health food store!

¾ Cup Organic Banana

½ Cup Organic Vanilla Yogurt

2 TBSP SnoPac Organic Orange Juice Concentrate

½ Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

1 tsp Psyllium Husk

Water as needed